Fundraising Programs

Strait Coffee has been helping schools, sports teams, and organization for 10 years with fundraising programs. Work with Strait Coffee to develop a unique and fun fundraising program. We offer customized order forms, quick turn-around, and an excellent product. Find out more on how you can enjoy Strait Coffee, support a great cause and raise funds for your organization.

Here's how it works...EASY + FAST + SUCCESSFUL

  1. Send us your organization name and cause information.
  2. Your group pre-sells our freshly roasted gourmet coffee using the order forms provided.
  3. After all of the order forms and payments are collected, place your order.
  4. The total coffee order is freshly roasted, packaged in 1lb bags and shipped directly to you for distribution.

Contact us to design a program that's right for you!

When you buy Fair Trade Certified coffee you help to promote the fair treatment of small farmers and workers, ensuring them healthy living conditions and a sustainable economic future.